Posted by: davidhayden | June 6, 2010

How to Finally get The Recognition YOU Deserve!

How to Finally get The Recognition YOU Deserve!

A young real estate agent, being the “new guy,” was assigned the least popular job of writing the classified ads for his company.  Realizing he had no experience writing ad copy, he consulted a popular  marketing book got some great ideas and started writing some non-traditional, customer focused ad copy.

The first week, the phone started ringing off the wall.  An ideal situation for a real estate company, right?

Well you would think so, but this poor fellow was called on the carpet because his ads did not look like every other non-productive real estate ad they had ever written.  Without even realizing the dramatic increase in phone activity was directly related to his powerful ads, the managing broker pulled him off the ad desk and fired him for incompetence.

The really sad part of this story is that it is true.

Now might be a really good time to review your success.   If you are very competent, you and your success are probably being ignored and killing your career.

What are the signs you are an exceptional supervisor destined to be ignored

  • Do you have your department running like a Swiss watch?
  • Have you put an end to crisis management?
  • Does your department / area run well even if you are gone?
  • Can your employees solve problems without you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you are in danger of being ignored.  If you answered yes to a couple questions, you are definitely being ignored.   If you answered yes to all of the above, start working on your resume, management will be convinced you are slacking off.

It’s not fair, people who make a mess of things seemed to be revered but you get the short end of the stick

Have you ever noticed, the poorest supervisors that seem to be completely stressed out running from one crisis to another always get the praise.  As you watch them create their own problems you shake your head in amazement.

But then in meetings you hear them being complemented for how they handled a crisis.  Or what a great job they did “making it happen.”

Don’t you ever wonder why your efforts are ignored and you are treated like a red headed, buck toothed, step child?

Why do you get ignored for doing a great job?

Simple.  You are ignored because you make it look too easy! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.

Somewhere, somehow, the Protestant Ethic, ‘work is a virtue,’ got twisted into hard work is more valuable than competence.  When you really smooth things out, it looks like you are being lazy.

Too often managers are so wrapped up in holding their breath until a crisis is over, they see the person who solved the crisis as a hero . . . even if that person’s incompetence created the crisis in the first place.

It’s not that managers are woefully stupid or not paying attention.  It’s just that crisis are like squeaky wheels, they draw the manager’s attention.

Squeaky wheels get the grease . . . They also get REPLACED

It is natural to want to receive recognition for doing a great job.  The key is to get noticed without being an annoying squeaky wheel.  Perhaps you could try:

  • “I don’t see why they should get all the credit, my department runs great”
  • “You never notice, me I am the best you’ve got”

Nah, bad strategy.  NO WHINING allowed.  The last thing you want is for your boss to pick up the phone and start talking to the dial tone as soon as he sees you coming down the hall.

You need to be recognized for you competence, not your irritable disposition.

How to be competent AND recognized

We have established that recognition for being a whiner is not desirable.  But what about bragging, making sure everyone you meet and see hears your tales of accomplishment?

NOT! Whiners are avoided and pitiful.  Braggarts are hated easy cannon fodder.

To receive the recognition worthy of your accomplishments requires a little marketing savvy.  Here are some key concepts.

  • Know your customer.  Your boss, his boss and up the food chain are your customers.  What do they need / want / expect from you?  Are you making them look good?  What can you do for them that will make them look good?
  • Don’t assume you know.  Ask them.  “Boss, I feel have things running pretty smoothly, what more can I do to make your life easier?  Do you want me to help out in other areas? Make sure they know you are a contributor and not resting on your laurels.
  • Provide reports that outline your departments performance based on your BOSSES criteria.
  • Your employees are also your customers.  Empower them and clear the roadblocks that make their job a hassle. Make sure they get credit.Remember, as supervisor, your job is to accomplish the impossible through other people.  You don’t need credit for your employee’s accomplishments.   You want recognition for inspiring them to do it.
  • Ask for and use your bosses advice when tough challenges arise.  If their advice does not seem applicable, don’t reject it out of hand.  Ask deeper questions about how their advice may apply given your particular circumstances.

Remember, competence is largely missed because, when things run smoothly, there is little to notice.  Managers are naturally wired up to notice problems to make them go away.  Your task is make them aware that your department does not have problems for a reason and that you have more to offer.


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