Posted by: davidhayden | November 4, 2012

HaydenPub Announcement

HaydenPub open up new website for Pontiac GTO enthusiasts!

CNC machinists, programmers and hobbyists are often automobile enthusiasts and I am no exception.  CNC machining and then programming has opened many doors for me and put me in a position where my dream of owning a muscle car has come to fruition.

I originally set out looking for an early 60’s Chevrolet Impala SS but got side tracked along the way by a beautiful gold 1967 GTO.   But there was a problem . . . specifically finding used parts.

Finding aftermarket parts for the car was fairly easy at places like Year One, Ames Performance, and other sites.  But used parts were a problem because of too much unorganized data.

Craigs’s list and Ebay have lots of listings but weeding through them was tedious and time-consuming.  After working long days at Bell Helicopter, spending time with my family and keeping up with the sales of 7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming, I found myself with little time to work on the GTO let alone weed through pages of unorganized advertising.

But as CNC programmers know, for most problems there is a solution.  In my case, I created a new classified advertising website dedicated exclusively to Pontiac GTOs.  The new website is

If you are interested in Pontiac GTOs drop by, sign up and post an ad.  It’s free and right now needs some ads.  I do have an ulterior motive as you probably guessed.

My motive is simple.  When more people post ads, it will be easier for me to find what I want and I will be able to sell my parts to people who need/want them . . . like the radiator and floor mats I currently have posted.



  1. Good to have another GTO site. I bought my Goat new on Nov. 23, 1965 adn literally drove it off of the show room floor. Last summer at the National GTO Conventioin in Ft. Collins, CO. it won Concours Best of Show for Factory Original. Are you a member of the GTO Associationof Amsrica?

    • David, I saw your GTO in tThe Legend. Congratulations, that is fantastic. I think my brother
      Cork (The Energy Advocate) actually sent me a copy of an email detailing your GTO Experience. It’s a great story.

      I am a member of the GTOAA and the GTO Association of North Tx. You might have seen my car on the cover of the November issue of the Legend. That was fun and worth doing.

      • I just dug out the Nov. ’12 issue of “The Legend” just to read about you and your goat. Great looking car !! Of course I’m partial to the ’66 – ’67 body style. Great great story and writing style!! How did you get the dash to accomodate the A/C system. Back in the day, the A/C dash was different than the dash for a non A/C car. Did you put in a new dash?
        I’m in the process of writing an article for the legend. Might be done in a few months.

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