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David S Hayden is a freelance author, self-publisher and trainer of CNC Programming and Shop Supervision.

After 30+ years in manufacturing, he is currently employed as a Data Analyst for the Pueblo City County Library District area however is available for contract training and writing.

To contact David Hayden regarding this blog, or to schedule a time to discuss your article, documentation or training needs send an email as follows:

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To:  David S Hayden

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  1. David, Great site! Enjoyed your video as well about your book. Pretty interesting that you can call your self a “self taught” CNC Machinist. It’s hard enough having some one explain every detail to you and knowing you probably know more then most excites me more then ever. The will to study such a thing makes you a rare bread of machinist.

    • I also had some great people around me that I discuss problems with. I remember one job I had. I had only been in the trade a year but the owner of a small shop thought I had potential so he hired me as the CNC programmer. I could program the machinaes but didn’t know near enough about machining, speeds, feeds, machinability and so on to be very good.

      There was this one veteran machinish, Dick, who had been machining for decades so they put him on the NC machine (a Pratt Whitney Star Turn) -he really knew his stuff and basically thought I was a joke. I knew he was right, and he knew I knew.

      But, I knew the programming and he didn’t. So I told him, “I won’t pretend to know machining but I can make the machine do anything you want.” As soon as he saw I wasn’t trying be a machinist or tell him how to do his job we got along great. I learned so much by just working with him and the more I showed him I was willing to learn from him, the more he would help me.

      One of my jobs as an NC programmer was to find the best tools for the job. My boss gave me a lot of room to test tools and carbide as long as we could deliver on time. I worked very closely with the Valenite, Kennametal, and Carbaloy Application Engineers and we ran a lot of tests on Dick’s machine. That is what really got me off to a good start.

      It is getting harder to find knowledgeable machinists these days. Many CNC operators just know how to set up and operate the machines, but can not really call themselves machinists. If you are a machinist, share what you know. If not, find a good one and learn everything you can, it’s a dying art.

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