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Your Guide to Finding the Job of Your Dreams

When To Start Career Planning

You realize how important career planning is to your future.  Now it’s time to find out how to successfully plan your career.

Do you ever wonder when the ideal time is to start your career planning?  The answer is there may never be just the “right” time or an ideal time.  Career planning depends on many different things.
You probably know someone who was born knowing what they are supposed to do with their lives.  A friend for example, who wanted to be a doctor, musician or lawyer and ended up becoming wildly successful.  . . . Read More

Insecure about your resume? 
Sean McCaffrey Employment Coach

The Gold Coaching package includes both the “Six Amazing Success Secrets Coaching Series” and the Resume Assessment & Private Coaching Call noted above, plus the following:

  •  Follow-up 1-on-1 30 minutes coaching call to review additional challenges and concerns
  • Group Coaching calls limited to 4 participants per call held three times per month for up to 60 days

Six Amazing Job Seeking Success Secrets

Or Get Sean’s Six Amazing Job Seeking Success Secrets

As an employment coach who works with the unemployed, misemployed and underemployed on a daily basis — and as someone who’s been in the same boat — I know the routine. I know the frustration, the heartache. 
You find yourself among 400 applicants for every job. You never hear back from the employer, who rarely goes through the stacks of resumes. You are told you’re not experienced enough, or worse…you’re overqualified!  Read More
Quick Start Job Guide

 How to become a member of YOUR Industry’s most sought after employees.

Regardless of the industry you are experienced with or the kind of job that you are interested in landing, there are techniques that you can use to guarantee that your resume will be bumped up to the top of the pile. And when it comes to the interview itself, there are silent tactics that savvy job seekers have used throughout the years to leave a lasting impression on the employer.   Learn More

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